Terms you should know if you're in the NFT space!

ALPHA - The most precise and knowledgeable advice a person can give in the NFT space.


AIRDROP  - Placing an NFT in a person's wallet for free or unannounced.


APE - To 'ape' into something. When a new NFT project comes out, or an old NFT project gets hot again, people say they want to 'ape' into the project. It's a form of FOMO (see below) - fear of missing out.


ATH  - All Time High. Used when referring to the price of an NFT or NFT project.


BLOCKCHAIN - The foundation of everything in the NFT world. The blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions and then spreads them across a universe of computers - ensuring the safety and security of the transaction.


BLUE CHIP - An NFT or project that is believed to be more valuable than others.


CLEAN - And NFT that has no defects or deficiencies according to the person viewing it.


COLLECTION - A set of NFTs either created by a person or team for sale to others, or NFTs that reside in the wallet of a collector (see below).


COLLECTOR - A person who buys NFTs.


COMMUNITY - A group of like minded individuals joined together by an NFT.


CT - Crypto Twitter.


DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It's an organization that is governed for and by the people of the organization. There is no leader in the traditional sense, only a set of blockchain rules that each member must follow. Proposals are set forth according to the rules and the members vote on the proposals.


DED - Short for dead. Not the final dead, just down, slow, or not moving.


DYOR - Do You Own Research. This is said when giving any kind of personal advice. Though not truly the case, in the NFT space, it's as if everyone, overnight, has become a certified financial planner and must use DYOR and NFA (see below) in order to protect themselves for being blamed for what others do.


DEGEN - Short for Degenerate in the NFT space. Often used as a form of compliment.


DIAMOND HANDS - A person who won't sell their NFT no matter what they are offered. (see RICHERD below)


DROP - When an NFT project is released (also see MINT below).


DUMP - To sell an NFT after pumping (see below) the price.


ETH - Ethereum. It is a token that people use to buy and sell NFTs.


F4F - Follow for follow. For when you ape into an NFT project and want to find the community of that project.


FLEX - To 'show-off'. If you have a really great PFP (see below), you 'flex' it.


FLOOR - The bottom of the price range for an NFT.


FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. "Man, I have FOMO for this project."


FREN(S) - Short for a friend or friends.


FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Talking down a project.


GM - Good Morning. A custom in the NFT space is to always say good morning to everyone.


GMI - Gonna Make It. Meaning the person will be successful in the NFT marketplace.


GN - The opposite of GM (see above).


HODL - The NFT way to say "hold" and don't sell.


IMHO - In My Honest Opinion.


IRL - In Real Life.


JPEG - A picture representation of an NFT.


LFG - Let's 'Freaking' Go (or the other word). Usually meant to convey excitement over an NFT.


MAXI - Maximalist. A person who is always talking about one thing as if it's the only thing.


MEME - A way to spread an idea often in the form of humor.


MINT - To release a new NFT (also see drop above).


NFA - Not Financial Advice. Usually offered when a person is talking about buying or selling an NFT and wants to make sure they are not responsible for the decisions of others (also see DYOR above).


NFT - NFT stands for “non-fungible token” and it allows you to use the blockchain (the digital ledger) to buy and sell digital assets while maintaining verifiable proof of ownership.


NGMI - Never Gonna Make It. Meaning the person will not be successful in the NFT marketplace.


NORMIE - A normal person not in the NFT game.


OS - OpenSea. A platform people use to buy and sale NFTs.


P2E - Activities where gamification get you paid.


PAPER HANDS - To sell a project for under the floor (see above) price.


PFP - Picture For Proof. Another way of saying "profile picture" - or as the movie The MATRIX puts it, "the mental image of our digital reflection".


PROJECT - A person or team working on or releasing a set of NFTs.


PROPERTY - Also known as a trait (see below), a property is a certain aspect of the NFT entered on the blockchain.


PUMP - To talk up an NFT in an effort to increase the price of the NFT.


RARE (RARITY) - Traits (see below) are used to tell how valuable a potential NFT will be. If the trait is rare, it is believed the NFT will gain value.


REKT - Meaning "wrecked", as in, lost everything.


RICHERD - A short way of saying Diamond Hands (see above). In honor of an NFT investor named Richerd, who irl, turned down a $9.5 million offer for an NFT - displaying the most determined diamond hands since NFTs began.


RN - Right Now.


ROADMAP - The plans of the team releasing an NFT project.


SER - Gender neutral way of addressing someone.


SHILL - To constantly try and sell an NFT.


SMART CONTRACT - What all NFTs are built around. In simple terms, the smart contract contains the 'rules' of the NFT and can be fashioned in practically any way imaginable.


SOL - Solana. It is a token people use to buy and sell NFTs.


TRAIT - Also known as a Property (see above). A trait is a certain aspect of the NFT entered on the blockchain.


VAPERWEAR - A fugazi, fu-ga-zi, a nothing burger built around a promise.


WAT - Short for "What?"


WEB3 - What web1 wanted to be and web2 promised to deliver.


WEN - Short for "When?"


WER - Short for "Where?"

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